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Inside and outside the premises of the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel El Mirador, in Tenerife are multiple and varied ways to keep fit and enjoy the weather. For example, in the complex’s complete gym with ocean views, in the 6,600 sq ft heated outdoor swimming pool, playing squash in a glass court . In the area you can also enjoy recreational and leisure activities like the banana boat, catamaran sailing, water skiing, surfing, beach volleyball, mountain biking, diving, recreational fishing and, of course, windsurfing.

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Shopping in the Grand El Mirador

The Canary Islands is also well known for shopping, since until a few years ago, there was very little tax, especially with regard to tobacco and liquor. Perhaps for that reason, it has preserved the tradition of 'shopping' and nearby the Grand El Mirador, in the shopping area, fashion and souvenir stores alternate with entertainment spots, where you can  reinvent yourself during the island night


The best golf at the Grand El Mirador

Golfers’ Paradise, the seven top golf courses on the island of Tenerife are located nearby the El Mirador. Resort guests can take advantage of special discounts on green fees at these courses. The reservations are managed directly by the hotel's staff for the players convenience and for everything to be ready when they arrive.ll, mountain biking, diving, recreational fishing and, of course, windsurfing.