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Enjoy a wonderful Amazon River cruise with our all-inclusive super luxury-floating hotel. One of the many natural peculiarities of Brazil is the confluence of the Solimões River and the Negro River, a meeting of waters after which the Amazon river is called by its own name until it reaches its mouth. And it is precisely there at that crossroads, in the city of Manaus (Amazonas State), that IBEROSTAR has placed one of the crown jewels of its Grand Collection group: the Grand Hotel-Ship Amazon, an entirely ‘all inclusive’ Super Luxury floating hotel only for persons over 8 years of age. You can travel across Amazon River by a luxury cruise and enjoy your holidays in the Amazon River with all kinds of activities. Journey deep into nature’s remotest places to experience a totally different kind of adventure.

Cabin-Suites, individual private balconies, full baths, personalized service, a convention room, local cuisine, activities, excursions... all aboard for splendor!