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To enjoy an unforgettable experience on board an all-inclusive luxury resort in the deepest of Brazilian forest.  IBEROSTAR offers the Grand Amazon’s clients three itineraries, on the Río Negro (4 nights), the Solimões (3 nights) or a combination of both (seven nights).  With this tours  across Amazon River your holiday will be unforgettable.

 Solimões River-Amazonas – 3 nights


This itinerary includes the following activities: Trekking or a visit to a local village; a motorboat journey to do some bird-watching around the Igarapés, or piranha fishing; alligator watching; conferences and social activities on board; music and dance in the Lua discotheque; rainforest walks; photo safaris on the motorboat; a farewell dinner with the captain; a local folklore show; a Sunrise Lovers’ breakfast watching the “meeting of the waters,” and a breakfast buffet at the Kuarup restaurant.


Negro River Tour– 4 nights


Travel on foot or by boat through the Jaraqui region; conferences looking out onto the Amazon river; photo safari by motorboat to the Anavilhanas islands, caiman watching, a visit to see the pink dolphins at Novo Airão, evening entertainment with the expedition team, music and dance in the Lua discotheque, a bird-watching trip, a visit to an indigenous village, a boat trip to the Ariaú River region, a farewell dinner with the captain, a local folklore show, a Sunrise Lovers’ breakfast watching the "meeting of the waters," and a breakfast buffet at Kuarup restaurant.


Combined Itinerary: Negro River and Solimões River – 7 nights


This is the perfect combination of the two tour routes, starting and finishing at the river port of Manaus.

Click here  for more information on tour descriptions and itineraries.