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The Grand experience: a new concept in luxury

Can you imagine a luxury stay where all your wishes are fulfilled? At the IBEROSTAR The Grand Collection Hotels we get ahead to meet your needs through personalised service, the finest culinary pleasures and facilities especially designed for relaxation, personal care and wellbeing.
Discover a new way of enjoying your holiday with IBEROSTAR, choosing from a wide range of innovative options.
Have a Grand Collection experience now. You will get:
• Personal butler service
The best professionals in the hospitality industry will be at your service, ready to make your stay comfortable and sophisticated.
• Gourmet cuisine
Our chefs will make the best local and international dishes, pleasing even the most discerning palates.
• Grand entertainment
You will never waste your time at The Grand Collection. You will get all the entertainment you can think of.
• Spa & wellness
You will be able to relax and explore the body-mind connection. The Grand experience is the perfect time to take care of yourself and feel good. We offer all kinds of services, so that you can enjoy the benefits of hot springs or beauty treatments.
The IBEROSTAR The Grand Collection Hotels boast privileged locations, luxury guestrooms or suites and exclusive amenities, delivering a broad range of sensations like you never imagined.
Discover the Grand Collection experience now at: